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Eating Disorders: Helping a Loved One Get through

A lot of different factors can cause weight fluctuations. Some have imbalanced hormones which cause rapid weight gain or weight loss while others experience it because of certain medications for their health condition. However, when weight fluctuation is caused other than by underlying medical conditions, but, is somewhat intentionally done, then it is a whole

A Rundown on Dermal Fillers

Under-eye circles and thinning lips. Smile lines and sagging cheeks. Wrinkles in the wrong places. These are inevitable changes you will see in the mirror, and some are already too bothersome to ignore. A rigorous skincare routine that works could allow for only minimal signs of aging to show in your forties. Nevertheless, there will

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Are You a Victim of These Time-wasters?

It’s stressful just to think of planning your week to accomplish everything you have on your checklist. The little surprises you encounter along the way also make it hard to stick to your schedule. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could streamline your activities so that you’re only doing the essentials instead of letting time-consuming

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Common Gastrointestinal Issues In Hospice Care Patients

There has been an increase in cases of terminal health conditions. No single aspect has been attributed to this rise. But researchers have worked round-the-clock to come up with strategies of helping patients cope with the conditions. In some cases, however, there is nothing that conventional medicine can do for a particular situation. At this

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Getting Rid of TMJ-Related Pain

Pain that is related to TMJ can be serious and debilitating. Having TMJ can prevent you from eating and enjoying the food that you love. Having it can even prevent you from talking properly, as sometimes, the pain can be too much that you would not even want to open your mouth at all. Below,

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What You Need to Know Before Undergoing Physical Therapy

For certain conditions, physical therapy can help in any phase of healing. It can be a standalone option or support other forms of treatments. While some patients seek physical therapy on their own and others were referred to a physical therapist by their doctor, some people may even undergo physical therapy without any medical condition.

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Top Ways to Protect Yourself in Water Sports

There are many outdoor activities to keep you occupied and active. A lot of beach enthusiasts get excited when the temperature goes up. They enjoy wakeboarding all day long without getting exhausted. If you don’t have proper precautions in every activity you’ll do, it may result in a severe injury. But you will always have

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Practicing Mindfulness as a Surgeon

Being a doctor, especially a surgeon, requires full focus and attention. You would be operating on people, which means that you will be saving their lives. This process involves being totally focused on what you are doing, as one wrong move can easily turn into a disaster. Mindfulness is a practice wherein you focus on

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Does Living Elevated Come with Risks?

Utah is one of the best places to live in; people are friendly, the streets are safe, and the outdoor culture is energizing. Life elevated comes with risks, but knowledge and preparation can quickly deal with them. The Sun Living in Utah exposes you to higher concentrations of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, from 28 percent to

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