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woman with simple make up

The One Makeover That You Need to Give Yourself Right Now

Are you always on the go? Looking for some simple ways to make your prep time faster? Here’s a makeover solution to cut your prep time down by a good 10-15 minutes while still keeping you looking even more fabulous, all day every day. Makeover Magic: Eyelash Treatment Give your lashes a luxurious treatment by

Modern Dad

The Modern Dad: Taking Classic Father-Son Activities to the 21st Century

I lost my dad when I was 40 years old. He had just celebrated his 85th birthday. It was heartbreaking for me because he was more than my father, he was my best friend. While the pain of his passing will always be with me, I take comfort in the beautiful memories he left me

Cool Cars for Cool Dads

Cool Cars for Cool Dads

It’s inevitable for dads to start feeling just a tad bit uncool: the cargo shorts-flip flop combo on the weekends, yelling at your kids to turn down their music, earhair. While there are a few remedies, none of them compare to getting yourself a car that gets your heart pumping again. But you’re a responsible

Personal stamp and wax seal

How to Properly Maintain Your Polymer Stamps

These days, one of the most popular types of stamps in the DIY world is the polymer stamp. Many people in the art industry find polymer stamps easy to use because of their many great features. For instance, they are transparent, so you can use them for projects that require simple designs or modifications. However,

Couple buying engagement rings

A Simple Guide to Buying Jewelry

The primary drive behind getting a piece of jewelry for your significant other is to show your love and affection. To this end, you can’t afford to make a mistake or have your efforts backfire. To avoid making the shopping process stressful and uncomfortable, it helps to learn a few tricks and learn to pick

Gold jewelry in a box

Jewelry Finish Categories

While a lot of people know the exact metals that they want for their jewelry, very few are conversant with the various jewelry finishing options available. A majority of people either do not know the various options available for jewelry finishing or, they do not know how to explain what finishing they want on their

a cowboy

A Guide to Finding the Best Straw Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats are quintessentially an American staple. Defining rural life at its best, cowboy hats might as well have become one of the most effective ambassadors of America to the rest of the world. Especially with the traditional straw hats, this cultural treasure is a wunderkind in today’s modern retail market. Whether they are straw

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