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Finding Air Leaks in Your Home

Is your home too cold or too hot? There might be an air leak somewhere in your place. While an air leak in your house will not pose any real danger, it can cause a lot of problems. It can be very frustrating and cost you a lot of money. In fact, according to research,


Affordable But Beautiful Wedding Ideas to Avoid Overspending

Budgeting for a wedding isn't simple. For some, no matter how much they try not to go over their spending limit, they still end up doing so and not simply because weddings aren't cheap. It's more because of sudden changes in decisions — for example, choosing a new theme because it's more aesthetically appealing compared

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You Could Be Missing Out on These Credit Card Perks

Some people think credit cards are bad because they can push you to spend more. But a responsible user would say otherwise. Credit cards are a big help financially. And if you have a good credit history, you can gain perks and rewards. Other than that, your credit card provides a lot of benefits you

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Is It Time to Turn to a Professional Matchmaker?

You’re moneyed, a professional, smart, witty, attractive, and kind — but you’re wondering why you’re still single? You’ve tried several dating apps, and despite the multitude of single people in your options, you still can’t find anyone who meets your standards and expectations. Your peers tell you to lower them, but you know you only deserve

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Three Fashion Rules That Need to Be Broken

The fashion choices that we make are often influenced by external factors, such as social media and our favorite celebrities, until we establish our own senses of style. And these are usually a mesh of everything we’ve consumed over the years. While many of us still follow the rules established by the fashion world, it’s

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Yes to Less: The Makings of a Minimalist Home

There’s probably no other design style more popular these days than minimalism. It’s not surprising that a lot more homeowners are embracing it. It’s simple, clean, and uncomplicated, the very things you want (and need) to find sanity in the modern, fast-paced lifestyle. If you yourself want to transform your home into a minimalist oasis,

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The Signs Telling You That Your Hairstylist is the Best

How would you feel if you go to a salon, asked for a trim, and the stylist cut your hair so short? Not so good, of course. A good relationship between a customer and a stylist is when there’s an understanding between the two. The stylist listens to what the customer wants and the customer

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Where and When Not to Wear an Engagement Ring

We get it. You love wearing your engagement ring and showing it off to your friends and family. Besides, you deserve it, since you just have been engaged to the love of your life. The ring might be boasting a huge diamond or even the most beautiful band there is. Whatever it is, you would

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Why You Should Start Your Own Clothing Brand

Getting into a new business can be daunting for most people. This is especially true if the nature of the business is already saturated with brands and companies that have already had an advantage over you. Do not let this discourage you. Everybody needs to start somewhere and who knows, maybe this new business of

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