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Warts on the palm

Warts ⁠— A Quick Primer for Non-Witches

Fighting off warts is no big deal for some. The body can build up resistance, and, in time, they will disappear. Other people have to deal with them for far longer. Certain types of warts never ever go away. Yet, perhaps the worst thing about warts is that people don’t really know much about them.

Making Dental Appointments Easy Despite Your Anxiety

Going to any medical facility can be dreadful. You have to book an appointment which means you need to clear your schedule for half a day or so. You have to sit there, waiting, before you hear any confirmation that, yes, something is wrong with you. It could also be a confirmation that nothing is

couple relaxing on their couch

Days Off: How it Can Affect a Stressed Out Person

A day of rest should be on your mind no matter how much of a workaholic you are. Working may give you a sense of fulfillment, but setting a day or two to relax allows you to take a much-needed rest. This is especially true when you have an active lifestyle. Here are some ways

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Happy Vibes: Three Science-backed Reasons You Should Smile More

Have you ever heard of the saying, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight?” If you look at hundreds of studies about smiling, you’ll conclude that this proverb is actually true. According to science, these are the ways your beaming pearly whites make all things right: They reduce stress. You can cover up

employee with cancer working with coworker

I Have Cancer, Should I Quit My Job?

A cancer diagnosis will turn your world up-side-down. Different people handle a crisis differently. Some decide to focus completely on resting, whereas others hold on to a semblance of normalcy in their lives. And this includes coming into work every day. When staying means fighting A Cancer journal study reports that about 60 percent of men and

Bearers a carrying a coffin into a car

Ways of Planning a Seamless Burial Ceremony

Funeral gatherings provide an opportunity for families, friends, and other people who know the deceased to mourn and send them off. Besides, people in attendance also offer comfort to the immediate family of the deceased and to one another. Death is inevitable. Knowing how to plan a funeral for yourself or your loved one is

Grilled salmon with asparagus, pea, yellow peppers, carrots and spring onions on white plate

Introducing the Keto Lifestyle: What Is This All About?

You may have heard and seen a lot of things in the realm of health and wellness. Many promise results that would help manage your weight. The thing is, not all these products work the same for everyone. In the end, those who’ve tried all these pills, drinks, shakes, and other consumables just give up

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Here’s How to Trick Your Brain to Think Less of Food

Eating is one of the body’s mechanisms to cope with circumstances. With stressors everywhere, the human body’s instinct is to find a sense of comfort. More often than not, the sight of a mouthwatering dessert becomes so irresistible that you find yourself eating a lot. This is quite normal, but when uncontrolled, it can easily turn


How Dieting Can Be Good for Your Health

With today’s Instagram- and image-centered culture, it is no surprise that many people are seeking different ways to lose weight and become thinner. All around the world, people pour resources into gym memberships or miracle pills in the hope of achieving the perfect figure. Combined with a general trend towards healthy lifestyles, people are increasingly

Healthcare Plans

What Types of Healthcare Plans Can a Small Business Offer?

Any good business should offer healthcare plans to its employees. By doing so, not only do they comply with laws and regulations, but they also attract better talents who can work on a full-time basis. This leads to higher retention of trained workers. Employees are more likely to be satisfied with the job they have

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