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Be A Good Sport(s Dad)

Featured Image: Coach Up Sports dads are interesting creatures: one minute they’re loving, caring, and gentle people that will cook you a chicken pot pie if you’re hungry. But the moment the game is on, bam. They become these wild, vicious, and loud creatures that yell and scream. Sound familiar? It’s ok to be a

Man at a doctor appointment

Primary Care Physicians: What They Can Provide

It can be difficult to find a suitable primary care physician (PCP). But this type of healthcare practitioner can help an individual maintain and manage their health throughout life. In addition, patients with PCPs have greater access to higher value medical services. Basics of Primary Care Physicians The PCP is one’s main doctor. They are

Man tracking his health

Preventive Healthcare: The Best Way to Stay Healthy?

Family medicine practitioners diagnose and treat illness through all life stages. If you live in Utah, a family doctor in Salt Lake City would be the first to see a member of your family when they need a medical assessment and diagnosis. These doctors could also recommend the appropriate management. Your family doctor has been

Woman fatigued

Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Managing Sleep Issues and Daytime Fatigue

The daily fatigue experienced by individuals suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is an overwhelming type of tiredness that affects their daily activities. It’s simply not the type of tiredness that you could ease with ample rest and sleep. Managing chronic fatigue is so much more that. However, if you take control of what causes your fatigue,

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