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How Dieting Can Be Good for Your Health

With today’s Instagram- and image-centered culture, it is no surprise that many people are seeking different ways to lose weight and become thinner. All around the world, people pour resources into gym memberships or miracle pills in the hope of achieving the perfect figure. Combined with a general trend towards healthy lifestyles, people are increasingly

Healthcare Plans

What Types of Healthcare Plans Can a Small Business Offer?

Any good business should offer healthcare plans to its employees. By doing so, not only do they comply with laws and regulations, but they also attract better talents who can work on a full-time basis. This leads to higher retention of trained workers. Employees are more likely to be satisfied with the job they have

Migraine Pain

What Ails You: Tension Headache or Migraine Pain

People suffering from chronic headaches would benefit only from targeted solutions. If the underlying problem is not determined, people go through their lives suffering from symptoms of an unresolved condition. You can only benefit from PRP therapy here in East Stroudsburg, PA, with a proper diagnosis. You may have been used to living with pain, but don’t you

woman suffering from sleep deprivation

Sleep Deprivation: How it Harms Your Heart

The consequences of inadequate sleep can go beyond low energy levels and poor performance at work. Research suggests that it can also increase your risk of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease, regardless of your age, weight, level of physical activity, and smoking habits. Constant sleep deficit can take its toll on your cardiovascular health

Stethoscope and cardiogram

Beat It: Staying Ahead of Tachycardia

You might recall the phrase “my heart skipped a beat” or “you make my heart beat faster” from those romantic movie flicks you’ve seen. While it’s true that your heart can change its beat in a situation where there is enough emotion to trigger it, the case is different from those times when it’s acting

packed meal

Bulimia Recovery: A Guide to Meal Planning

Patients who have already recovered from bulimia are still at risk going into a relapse. Some individuals, particularly those who feel alone in their battle, find it difficult to eat regularly after undergoing rehabilitation at a bulimia treatment center. Here’s when the danger of falling back into their bad habits is the strongest. If you are

Person getting his sugar checked

The Link Between Diabetes and Strokes

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) the chances of experiencing a stroke is 1.5x higher for individuals who have diabetes. A stroke occurs when blood that flows to the brain is blocked or if hemorrhage occurs in the brain. This could lead to brain damage or worse, death if the blood flow is not

Retainers on a white surface

A Comparative Overview of the Orthodontic Benefits Offered by Permanent Retainers

As opposed to Hawley or transparent retainers, permanent retainers are fixed to the back of the teeth and are durable enough for a lifetime. They offer several advantages to their removable counterparts, though they are also challenging to clean. Retainers ensure the controlled movement of teeth toward the correct positions as the patient ages. Because

couple brushing their teeth

More Than Brushing and Flossing: New Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

At any given time, you can point at a kid living in Littleton, CO or an adult in Milford, DE and they will probably recoil at the mention of getting a root canal. An essential dental procedure, a root canal treatment is slowly being joined by new dental techniques that make it easier for dentists to treat

person holding a donut stepping on a scale

Why You’re Not Losing the Excess Weight

Have you been working out every day, cutting back on sugar, and stopping yourself from eating too much? Yet you’re still far from your ideal weight? This is a common scenario for a lot of people from all walks of life. It may be frustrating, but the key here is to work smart. You need

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