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Dining Etiquette: Am I Doing It Properly?

There is so much dining etiquette to be aware of when you’re eating out at a restaurant. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re at a fancy establishment or not. Practicing proper decorum should be common courtesy. Although we admit, it will definitely start to get confusing somewhere down the line. The standards for dining conduct, however,

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Excellent Tips to Help You Host Your First Dinner Party

Whether you are celebrating something or want to have your friends over, hosting a dinner party can be a load of fun. However, it can also be full of stress if you are not careful. Luckily, there are many ways to make sure that your dinner party goes as smoothly as possible. Here are some

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Essential Steps You Can Take Toward Better Eating Habits

The way you eat is definitive in how it affects your life, as it has consequences, both mental and physical. Although variables in every single person’s life differ from others, many triggers can contribute to developing destructive coping mechanisms when it comes to food, among other things. If you’ve realized that you have some bad

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Be Unexpected: Surprising a Friend by Showing Your Appreciation

Your friends are the family you have chosen for yourself. They are the people who have seen you smile and cry. They celebrate their victories with you. Similarly, you are always there for them. Their companionship is something that you treasure and appreciate. There are times when you want to show your love for them,

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What Comes With the Dom Perignon Champagne Gift Set?

In case you plan to offer someone a gift for a special occasion, like Christmas or birthday, a Dom Perignon champagne gift set is a good choice. It might also be a brilliant idea to offer some other item. For example, it is also advisable to include a cork catcher. This small tool will not

Bottom’s Up: Navigating South Korea’s Drinking Culture

Alcohol is an essential part of Korean culture, with South Koreans having one to three drinks a week. It ties with the country’s tradition of hoesik or eating together as a way of signifying unity in a group. Dining usually comes with drinking – check the menu of any Korean fried chicken restaurant or barbecue place, and

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Bulimia Recovery: A Guide to Meal Planning

Patients who have already recovered from bulimia are still at risk going into a relapse. Some individuals, particularly those who feel alone in their battle, find it difficult to eat regularly after undergoing rehabilitation at a bulimia treatment center. Here’s when the danger of falling back into their bad habits is the strongest. If you are

Sparkling Wines: Types, Production, and Taste

Sparkling wine is normally enjoyed during holidays or when celebrating a special occasion. This is a type of wine that is carbonated and that usually takes on the name of the specific region or country it originated from. The two methods that can be used to induce carbonation in sparkling wine are the Champagne method

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