Day: April 5, 2019

old man sculpting

Hybrid Art: A Look Into the Futuristic World of Fine Arts

The arts encompass many forms: painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, theater, dance, film, photography, video production, and conceptual art. Combine these forms one way or another, and you get mixed media. For example, some artists may use pictures taken by a photographer working with different styles as their base and add another layer of art to it to create


How to Make Your Event Stand Out on a Budget

You can organize a great event on a budget, but you have to do lots of planning. From the event venue to the sitting arrangements and food, make sure to include everything on your checklist. If you would like a great space for the event, consider checking event spaces in New York City that offer


Layout Options for Hostel Rooms

While every teenager and adult cannot wait to move out of home, many are stuck there because of the high cost of rental apartments nowadays. Commuting from home to school for them is not only tiring, but it also curbs their freedom. Although most know that hostels are an ideal alternative for their accommodation, few

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