Day: February 22, 2019

How to Talk to Kids About Health

Teaching Wellness: How to Talk to Kids About Health

It can be difficult to talk to children about health, especially if you’re not living an active and healthy lifestyle yourself. With 2 kids and a third on the way, my wife and I decided to change this by trying to eat healthier and squeezing in a few hours at the gym every week. It’s

Sports dad

Be A Good Sport(s Dad)

Featured Image: Coach Up Sports dads are interesting creatures: one minute they’re loving, caring, and gentle people that will cook you a chicken pot pie if you’re hungry. But the moment the game is on, bam. They become these wild, vicious, and loud creatures that yell and scream. Sound familiar? It’s ok to be a

Modern Dad

The Modern Dad: Taking Classic Father-Son Activities to the 21st Century

I lost my dad when I was 40 years old. He had just celebrated his 85th birthday. It was heartbreaking for me because he was more than my father, he was my best friend. While the pain of his passing will always be with me, I take comfort in the beautiful memories he left me

Dadcation Ideas

Dadcation Ideas

We get it: being a dad is a tough gig. Not as tough as being a mom, sure, but it’s tough none the less. Couple that with work stress and watching your kids grow up and realizing that *gasp* you’ve gotten a whole lot older in a short period of time, and you’ll be craving

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