A family that eat together stay together, its true today as ever.

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My family is nourished by eating are meals togethers!!!

Quality time
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I make it a priority for my family to sit down together for at least one meal each day. Our days are long and our schedules are full, but we make time for one another because spending time together strengthens our bond.

My family members and I plan for our meals together. If possible, dinner is served at the same time each day to ensure other commitments don’t interfere with our time.

I encourage my family to come together in peace. I refrain from discussing unconstructive topics during dinner because I want it to remain a positive experience. The conversation around the dinner table remains welcoming and joyful.

The dinner table is the place where we share exciting news, tell funny stories, and talk about the day. There is no judgment. My family members are free to share what is in their hearts during mealtimes. I enjoy listening to each member of my family and they enjoy listening to me.

Conversations at our table demonstrate our values and teach my children essential communication skills. My children look forward to gathering for meals. I am teaching my children responsibility and the value of serving one another by asking them to help set up the table.

The television, cell phone, or any other distraction is avoided during mealtimes. I engage with my family taking full advantage of the present. To spend just a few precious

moments with the people I love most, while I have them with me, is a privilege, not a burden.

Today, I choose to plug into my family by sitting down to enjoy a meal together.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I encourage my family to eat more meals together?
2. What would be pleasant topics to discuss during dinner?
3. How can I make meal times

more enjoyable for the whole family?

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